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Dark Trilogy Doepfer

Doepfer Dark Trilogy I Synthesizer

DIY project for personal use (first prototype/first generation)

The Doepfer Dark Trilogy semi-modular full analog 3-Voice synthesizer. Custom Synth

Based on the Doepfer Dark Energy



Doepfer Dark Trilogy and A-103 / A-108 (controlled by pitchwheel)

for iphone / ipad users use this link:

The Dark Trilogy (Polyphonic) synthesizer is a semi-modular synthesizer based on the Doepfer Dark Energy. It consists of three Dark Energy synthesizers and one Dark Time sequencer. By linking them internally or stacking them, a three voice synthesizer is built. The Dark Trilogy is a custom semi-modular synthesizer. All the audio outputs are moved to the back. Therefore the CV 4 output is used. To control each unit with the separate glide option a multicable is made from the keyboard to the units. The rotary knobs are built on top of the keyboard.

Why a Doepfer Dark Trilogy synthesizer?

After testing a Doepfer Dark Energy it appeared to be a wonderful small tweaking unit. The Dark Energy standing straight up or laying flat is not very convenient. The right way to control it is under an certain angle. So putting it into a case with the right angle is the most convenient way to cope with the Dark Energy.

Putting three of them in a row combined with a sequencer makes it an ultimate live performer. You can use three different sounds to make one polyphonic 3-note chord, let the sequencer control 2 different sounds and play live another sound, or add the sounds together to one big fat sound.

After finishing the Dark Trilogy it appeared to be a coincidence that the sizes of the Dark Trilogy are almost exactly the same as the MiniMoog. They can stand next to eachother as two brothers and as for the MiniMoog has customised CV/Gate inputs, the Doepfer Dark Trilogy is controlling the MiniMoog (or other cv/gate synths) perfectly. They do co-exist very well!

Dark Trilogy Dimensions: (WxDxH) aprox. 720x430x240mm
Dark Trilogy Weight: 16 Kg

For more productinfo of the Doepfer Dark Energy and the Doefer Dark Time check the Doepfer site:

Polyphonic? Yes! The three Dark Energy's are internally connected to eachother (stacked) so that they can function as one polyphonic three voice synthesizer. This works fabulous! Of course you can play 3 the same notes at the same time for a fatter sound, but by sending a one time program change to the units you can play 3-note chords. So the Doepfer Dark Trilogy is a real 3-voice polyphonic semi-modular synthesizer. Note: The notes will be played after eachother. So the first DE plays the first note (finger) of the chord, the second the second note (finger), and the third the third note(finger) of the chord, depending on which finger touches the keyboard first. That means that if you want to play like a real polyphonic synth, you have to edit all three to the same sound. When you play chords, the third note of the chord can be played by the second or third one depending on which finger touches the keyboard first. This can be a complete new form of playing chords. :-) For further information you can read the Dark Energy Manual and the additional technical notes on the doepfer site (FAQ)

For this version now: Patching can easily be done by lifting up the hood of the case. (The final version will be equipped with an extra patchpanel)
The Dark Trilogy is based on the Dark Energy semi-modular synthesizer (In 2012 it will be replaced by the new Doepfer Dark Energy II) + the Dark Time 16 step sequencer.
Next to the 3 Dark Energy's and the Dark Time a 4 channel audiomixer, touch sensitive 4 octave midi keyboard, 220V power supply, 1 audio output, Midi input & Midi output are built in the wooden case.

The Doepfer Dark Trilogy (Copyright CreativeGallery 2011)


Temporary addition (as for the lack of a pitchwheel/joystick):

The second act: a dockable top addition /second floor with more control/patchfield and TR-606 (july 2011)

On top of  the 3x Dark Energy's and Dark Time a drum unit (Roland TR-606) is added together with a 4-channel exponential audiomixer, multi fx processor, Pitch and modulation facilities (A174) and a patchfield. This Design works very fine, because it is really compact. The size is not bigger than a Minimoog and therefore you can place it anywhere.



Doepfer Dark Trilogy and A-156 (controlled by Dark Energy LFO1)

Doepfer Dark Quaternity & Doepfer Dark Trilogy together:




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